Personal Care

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Practicing a good personal hygiene is one of the best ways to protect yourself from Covid-19

Dr. S. Wongs Sulfur Soap

A medicated soap specially formulated with a natural ingredient “sulfur” that helps kill pimple-causing germs, dries out pimples.

Dr. S. Wongs Sulfur Soap w/moisturizer

A sulfur soap that contains moisturizer,  aloe vera extract and a refreshing citrus scent.

Bioderm Bath Soap

A germicidal soap that helps protect from disease and body odor-causing germs (based on representative germs tested).

Bioderm Bath Soap


Coolness is infused with mentholated crystals that leave a cooling sensation on the skin.



Dont sweat it! Casino Active is a body disinfectant that contains an  ingredient that provides 8-hr body odor protection.

Casino Ethyl Alcohol

Femme w/ Dual Moisturizer

Created for the women of today. Femme Dual has an improved scent and contains ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Pro Vit. B5. 

Casino Ethyl Alcohol


Made for women and is gentle on the skin. Used for women’s cleansing, disinfecting and a general antiseptic.

Dr. Wong's

Lightening Soap

Made with nature, improved by science. Experience the next-level skin lightening with Dr. Wong’s Lightening Soap!

Dr. Wong's

Lightening Lotion

Infused with a Multifunctional Whitening Complex made from botanical actives and is specially formulated to give you 3 long-lasting benefits – moisturizing, smoothening and glowing

Dr. Wong's

Lightening Face Cream

Infused with a Multifunctional Whitening Complex and supplemented with powerful ingredients that penetrate deep into the epidermal layer of the skin for a smoother, clearer, even-toned and more radiant complexion.