Dr. S. Wong
Dr. S. Wong5 hours ago
Forget and move on from the greasy look with the help of Sulfur (Dr. S. Wong's Sulfur Soap with Moisturizer). It has sulfur ingredient that helps draw out oil from the skin without drying your skin! Make sure to use it regularly and make it part of your daily skincare routine!

Dr. S. Wong
Dr. S. Wong1 day ago
Help boost your confidence in just two easy steps! Use Sulfur (Dr. S. Wong's Sulfur Soap) and Zinc Oxide + Benzoic Acid + Sulfur + Salicylic Acid (Bioderm Ointment)! It has sulfur ingredients that helps treat pimples and acne and help achieve clear skin with regular use! Make it part of your skincare today!
Dr. S. Wong
Dr. S. Wong4 weeks ago
Cebuanos, we’ve finally arrived!

Dr. Wong’s Lightening Lotion is now available in all Rose Pharmacy Cebu outlets. Get your supply now and be #ConfidentEveryday!

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Dr. S. Wong
Dr. S. Wong2 months ago
Try using Dr. Wong’s Lightening Soap and get whiter, moisturized skin with regular use while staying protected from germs (based on representative germs tested).

Now available at Prince Retail Stores. Hurry and get your stocks now!

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Dr. S. Wong
Dr. S. Wong2 months ago

Your skin lightening buddy is now available at Rose Pharmacy near you! Grab your Dr. Wong’s Lightening System now in all Rose Pharmacy Cebu outlets and be #ConfidentEveryday.

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Dr. S. Wong
Dr. S. Wong3 months ago
We’re coming closer to you, ka-skincare buddies! You can now purchase Dr. Wong’s Lightening Soap at any Prince Retail stores near you. #ConfidentEveryday

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