A Stunning Spectacle:

IPI's KAITIAKITANGA Float Shines Bright at Sinulog 2024

IPI’s Main Float

     In the heart of Cebu City, amid the jubilant crowds and rhythmic drum beats, the Sinulog Festival of 2024 unfolded in all its grandeur. Among the vibrant floats gracing the streets, one stood out and captured the hearts of spectators, the magnificent creation of International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IPI), named ‘KAITIAKITANGA’. IPI’s continuous engagement in the Sinulog Festival reflects our dedication and deep reverence for the Holy Child. We have been participating in the Sinulog since its inception in the 1980s.

     With meticulous attention to detail and a profound appreciation for the festival’s cultural significance, IPI’s float emerged as a true masterpiece, captivating onlookers with its splendor and grace. As it glided through the streets, it became a beacon of creativity and innovation, showcasing the company’s commitment not only to excellence but also to the sacred responsibility of environmental protection and management. We highlight the essential task of conserving our natural resources for the benefit of future generations, advocating sustainability, and nurturing a deep reverence for nature.

IPI’s Main Float seen up close and during broad daylight.

     The float depicts a narrative in which the Swan Queen embodies the essence of wind and air, representing grace and beauty amidst adversity and tension. Soaring above, church leaders ride a modernized vintage vessel, symbolizing the advent of Christianity in the Philippines. This is highlighted by the prominently displayed Old Ship of Magellan and the iconic Magellan’s Cross, which have been guardians of our homeland for over five centuries, introducing the Holy Child to our cherished city of Cebu.

     Dominating the forefront of the float is Modern Amphitrite, the Sea Goddess, tenderly holding the esteemed Señor Sto Niño. In sync with nature, similar to the majestic Swan Queen in flight, the Sea Queen, embodied by the enchanting mermaid, safeguards marine life alongside church leaders championing environmental guardianship. This underscores the values of peace, unity, and advancement.

The 65th Anniversary Float of IPI in the foreground and the IPI Corporate Float in the background.

     Amidst the grand Sinulog festivities, IPI’s float also carried a deeper message: Nurturing a mindful approach in our choices, prioritizing the welfare of others, and exhibiting sincere concern for both human welfare and environmental issues. Through these actions, we can help actively mitigate natural disasters and protect lives, properties, and livelihoods. This unified endeavor paves the way for a safer and more cohesive future for everyone.

     Crafting IPI’s Sinulog float was a substantial endeavor, which demanded months of planning, collaboration, and unwavering dedication from a team of skilled artists, designers, and craftsmen. Their passion and commitment shone through in every detail, from the delicate hand-painted figures to the elaborated arrangements of the marine ecosystem that adorned the float’s exterior.

IPI’s Main Float Parading through the South Road Properties during the 2024 Sinulog Festival.

     As the procession wound its way through the streets, accompanied by the joyful sounds of music and dance, IPI’s float emerged as a symbol of pride and inspiration for all who beheld it. It served as a reminder of the company’s deep-seated values and its unwavering commitment to positively impacting the communities it serves and the environment.

     As the sun set on another unforgettable Sinulog Festival, the memory of IPI’s magnificent float lingered in the minds of everyone who witnessed it. It served as a testament to the enduring power of creativity, culture, and collaboration to uplift and unite us all.