Kim Soon Hang

Kim Soon Hang Sdn Bhd is an enterprise located in Malaysia with the main office in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The company was incorporated in June 1988. Our market area includes Sabah, Labuan, and Northern Sarawak Malaysia. Our main business supplies grocery products, toiletries, and sundry goods to retail, pharmacy, and wholesale outlets. The company offers daily care products, beauty products, and sanitizers.


Chemcare Pharmacies

Through previous companies, Chemcare can trace its origins back as far as 1910. For many years, Chemcare’s core business was in retail/wholesale Pharmaceuticals; however in 2008 Chemcare added the high profile brands of Andersons Foodland, Fredi’s Famili Stoa, and Rabtrad to its portfolio, giving the Company great exposure to the retail and wholesale dry goods and fresh food sectors throughout the country. In 2016 Fredi’s Famili Stoa rebranded to become Andersons Express and Printfast was added to the Group. In 2017 Morobe Bakery was added.


HuiHuang Company

HuiHuang Company was registered in 1998. Start business in the year 2000.

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