IPI Foundation

Who we are

The foundation has been in existence for 25 years already. It began as Don Go Lam Foundation in 1989, but in 2006, it changed its name to IPI Foundation, Inc. since it represents IPI’s corporate social responsibility.

In 2009, the foundation was certified as a Done Institution by the Philippine Council of NGO Certification (PCNC) for its successful operation and now, it is continuing its life-saving missions throughout the country, shedding light over dim corners of the Philippines.

The foundation thrives for the sake of the marginalized, the hopeless, and the needy. It also advocates well-being and healing not just for the people, but also of the society and the world through societal welfare and environmental stewardship.

Our Vision & Mission

  • To make our foundation a catalyst in healing
  • To heal the world by empowering marginalized people to practice health and wellness.



Goals & Values

Support vulnerable communities in improving access to health, environment, aid services and community-based livelihoods.
Support policy initiatives to foster public wellness.
Develop partnership with related institutions to enhance IPI Foundation Inc.’s technical and logistical capacity.

Want to know more?

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