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2 Videos (1hr)

AnyMind x TikTok - Festive Tok

Consumer insights, trends, habits and marketing ideas

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From Cutback to Comeback

Mansmith and Fielders presents its ONLINE LEARNING subsidiary

2 Videos (7hrs)

Facebook F8 Refresh

Community of people who are building, innovating, and looking for what’s next

2 Videos (6.5hr)

12th Mansmith Market Masters Conference

-What CEOs Expect From Marketers Post Crisis
-The Wisdom and Perils of Business Expansion Amidst Crisis
-The Next Wave of Digital Transformation
-Trends Spotting in 2022 and Beyond

1 Videos (1hr)

Facebook Unlocking your brands mid funnel (Southeash Asia) for FMCG

1. FMCG Landscape Redefined
2. Drive FMCG Jobs To Be Done
3. Video Deep Dive

2 Videos (3hrs)

Facebook Bain CDM x Appnext App Marketing Masterclass Game

Uncover the accelerating digital habits set to impact the Philippines

2 Videos (1hr)

The New Normal Digitally accelerated trends in Asia Pacific (Kantar)

• Why and how trends matter today – the new normal
• How to use AI, technology and big data at speed and scale to uncover emerging trends
• How other brands are re-thinking about trends and how they are using the latest tools and techniques

5 Videos (1hr)

Facebook AD Policy Training (your monst pressing questions answered)

Intro - Ad Policy Training
1. Business Manager & Ad Account
2. Community Standards Ad Review Process, Prohibited & Restricted Content
3. Ad Policies Deep Dive Ad Copy, Visuals, Landing Page
4. Customer Feedback Score & Protecting People's Purchase Experience
5. Summary and Tips

1 Video (1.5hrs)

How to write better facebook AD copy (Julian Canita)

Ad Copy That Gets Your Ideal Audience To Click, Convert and Buy